Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review: The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove

So I just finished this book last night. It was not my first Lauren Kate book (I have read the Fallen series). The cover to this book is what immediately attracted me to it. I have a weakness for beautiful YA covers. Honestly though, who doesnt? My liking for this book is very mixed. What I did enjoy was Mike and Nats relationship. I always enjoy a good romance. But what I didnt like was the ending. It really threw the whole story off for me. I dont want to spoil anything for anyone so I wont say anymore about it. But overall I liked it and it was a pretty quick read for me.

Suzanne Youngs Book Signing for A Need So Beautiful!

We first met Suzanne at the book signing for Dark Days of Summer (which was totally awesome by the way). She was sitting in front of us and had a copy of A Need So Beautiful and it wasnt even out yet. Instantly interested Casey and I bought it and read it before her book signing 7-12. There is nothing better than 2 book signings in a week haha. But anyways A Need So Beautiful definitely exceeded my expectations. Harlin was definitely fun to read about and probably one of my favorite things about the book. Thats why what I hope for in A Want So Wicked happens. CANT FRICKING WAIT!

Colleen Houcks Fabulous Book Signing

The last few months Casey and I have been total book signing junkies. We try and hit every YA one we can and we have been honored to see and meet Colleen Houck this last Thursday 7-14. It was probably one of the best book signings I have been to, not only because the Tigers Curse Series is one of my all time faves but because she was fun. Casey also had a lucky streak and won Tigers Curse and Tigers Quest in Colleens self published versions along with a bunch of other cool things. Were totally anxious for Tigers Voyage to come out and will definitely be attending the book signing for that.

Caseys Wins. Totally LUCKY!